Here it new guitar named "ninja"nevrie named after me myself and my friend. I don't know why my parents bought this new guitar of mine since I'm not a very good child and a unimpeccable obey er most probably. We'll I still wanna thank them again from the bottom of my Heart.

We'll sorry for the poor resolution of the picture we'll maybe I'll try to edit it the tomorrow.

I love spending time with it because I love singing (ALONE:D haha)
We'll I just wanna end this post quickly because I still wanna play with it now.
R and R

I was demented by the weather this past few days.(jeez so cold)The rain is always turning on and off and because of that I suffered from mild fever and cold. Thanks to my Daily dose of orange juice and Fern-C vitamins it minimized the sickness I'm feeling. The fever I was suffering was all causedby the few tricycle drivers on Barangay Lagao(just a few of them) and my negligence on bringing my raincoat. They didn't gave me a ride. I was standing on the neem tree soaked with water from the sky for 8 minutes. They just passed by on me and they are Ignoring my Signals on them. After the whole 8 minutes I decided to walk because there's no use of waiting for a ride I was wet already. I was angry with the tricycle drivers but I guess I can't blame other persons. It was all my fault my super negligence. (Yeah whatever I guess I learned another lesson from my imperfect adventure)

Lesson for me: Don't forget your stuffs and Don't wait Make your own move and keep moving forward!

On our school We were asked to sing an accompaniment for our MAPEH. I was very excited about this and I was planning to sing today. I was quite nervous because, I was not used to perform on stage. Only on bathroom and on my room with my guitar. I was keeping this nervousness since Monday. Scared of being called by our teacher to perform. It was like I'm having fever everyday during our Mapeh time, what making me sick is the wind. It adds a negative sensation on my nervousness.

I decided to sing today as what I've mentioned earlier, unluckily when It was my turn to sing, our Mapeh teacher walked in front of the room and said that we will continue the singing on Monday. I had a very strange feeling, mixed emotions somehow shocked(that was exaggerated). I was thinking that my nervousness would be extended again for few more days and. By the way the title of my song is "Kung tayoy'y magkakalayo" by rey valera.

It was a lazy afternoon,the one which I am used to sleep and take a snooze.I was listening to the songs which i downloaded from my P.C's playlist to my phone, then suddenly footsteps break the monotony.My teacher on physics went inside our room with his strange black bag containing the Laptop. I was shocked, definetly shocked because I was reminisced that I and my happy friends Mr.Manlapig and Mr. Ablanido were the persons tasked to report the topic Thermodynamics. I was not expecting that we will report that day or should I say...We were not prepared, especially me. During the report I was not able to Explain my topic excelently nor clearly. I suck on my report that was the very word that keeps on repeating on my careless brain. However I didn't took that as a frustration, rather I made it as a lesson.

P.S Lesson Learned: Dont waste your time and always have a Plan B, whenever Worse Case Scenario comes. You'll always be ready.

*Clip arts where adapted from

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