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It was a lazy afternoon,the one which I am used to sleep and take a snooze.I was listening to the songs which i downloaded from my P.C's playlist to my phone, then suddenly footsteps break the monotony.My teacher on physics went inside our room with his strange black bag containing the Laptop. I was shocked, definetly shocked because I was reminisced that I and my happy friends Mr.Manlapig and Mr. Ablanido were the persons tasked to report the topic Thermodynamics. I was not expecting that we will report that day or should I say...We were not prepared, especially me. During the report I was not able to Explain my topic excelently nor clearly. I suck on my report that was the very word that keeps on repeating on my careless brain. However I didn't took that as a frustration, rather I made it as a lesson.

P.S Lesson Learned: Dont waste your time and always have a Plan B, whenever Worse Case Scenario comes. You'll always be ready.

*Clip arts where adapted from www.dietsinreview.com

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