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Long time no post in this blog, Its because I was busy on Academic related stuff but now, I've resumed on my blogging endeavors not on this blog anymore, I am currently blogging on

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            Have you ever tried of stalking someone to the point where you will do every possible action just to see that girl of your dreams? Is it right or wrong, for the name of love, lust and *Insert erotic adjective here*?  Probably on that situation there is really something more than just a regular itch. A growing feeling which makes you invincible and reactive, you may call it adrenaline for Love or whatever your purposes are. 

Stalking for love is a very difficult and tricky thing to do aside from the derogatory cliché of “stalker”, you would also feel like you are in chess game and your moves must be two to three steps ahead of your Queen.  Your Queen but you are not the prince; feels like you are in a Medieval setting movie. It is difficult to be stalker because you keep on seeing and gathering info about the girl of your dreams but you are not getting any attention back.

Stalking of famous personalities/celebrities is the highest form and most difficult form of stalking. You have so many competitions and following her would be very expensive. Unless you are the rich and desperate type and your favorite song is “I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me, papa paparazzi”.  Crazy right? But some would really be willing to do that, for the sake of love and fanaticism.

Online stalking is also another form, it would be less expensive but more exhausting, exhausting in the sense that you will be staying up all night just to gather information and interesting scoops. In case your (let’s use the term Queen for the person you are stalking) Queen is already dating or seeing someone, you’re heart would be broken and your computer monitor might also break.

There are two kinds of online stalkers, the obvious ones and the more discreet ones. The discreet ones are those who people who are more careful of their moves and tasks, that’s why they are called discreet ones. The obvious ones are those who are willing to give their identity but there is something lacking on them, perhaps courage, timing or readiness state of mind or it could also be that they are not the Queen’s type but desperation and lack of other move urges them to do that. In short they feel that they’re not yet pawned on the chess game of love.

Everything in life is really like a chess game, for an instance there are certain strategies and moves that suit your goals, in love strategies are more complicated and the results or the aftermath of your moves is very painstaking. Lucky those who are brave and lucky enough to win the battle for love. But there is really one solution if you want to win your Queen, go out of the stalker lens and go for the brave one’s lens.

I have been an avid fan of Jose Mari Chan’s songs since I was a kiddo like Beautiful girl, Sing me a song again Daddy and First romance. To my surprise, some say my choice of music was awkward and deviant when it comes to my age. So I say, it’s not really about my choice of music, age generation, genre and the like it’s all about the meaning of the lyrics and the total message of the song itself, for me to like and prefer it.
Presently, Christian Bautista is one of my most favorite singer and it’s because of the voice he has, those amorous and exquisite voice. That’s why for now I have at least three main desperate reasons and counting (LOL) not to miss his performance and concert.
1.    For sure he will sing the songs of Jose Marie Chan whom is one of my favorite singer and composer since my childhood.
2.    Christian Bautista’s amorous and exquisite voice
3.    It is his third time to perform at Gensan I think, yet I haven’t seen him perform live. May be now is the time :)
4.    Hearing his new songs and album live
5. Most of Christian's songs are on my playlist
Christian Bautista will be performing on April 23, 2010 (Friday), 7:00 P.M at Lagao Gym, Gen. Santos City to let the Generals feel the romance as it goes along with the warmth of the summer. It would be a great news and oppurtunity for the Generals and neighboring places to watch and hear him performing. For sure Gensan music lovers would do almost anything just to see the  Asia’s Prince of Pop Christian Bautista’s “Constant Change” Concert.
                    Christian Bautista’s Constant Change” GenSan Concert

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