Its been weeks for me,since my last post. Yeah I've been busy doing things on school and reading novels like the Sherlock Holmes novel and A Losers Guide to life and love book. I was also doing ridiculous stuffs on school,playing American football and basketball.

Recently I've been busy doing my CSS editing on my Photo blog(soon to be)

Well you can't find fun things there, because the photos are not yet uploaded. I'll just wait the right time for me to upload it.

During our Provincial Sports Meet at Sarangani Province. I was assigned to help on Baseball and Soccer tournament officials. My experience on soccer was not so bad, I just submit the score to the stage where the results of games are announced. But the baseball was like hell. It made me run back and forth just to catch (I mean Pick) the damn balls batters hit(Foul balls only). On the first day of serving on the baseball game was just awful as what I've expected it to happen. I've picked 15-25 balls all were soaked with mud because of the rain. On the second day of serving on the baseball game was not pretty bad on the morning (on the morning only). Why i said that? We were rained the whole afternoon. I wanted to let the rain pass, by waiting on the shed. But awfully the game official wanted me to stay because I'm holding her umbrella. I was soaking wet. Very wet, my shirt was full water and It was cold. My shoes was soaked with water too. I could even compare my shoes with a pool. It was like there is a pool inside my shoes. I could feel the water penetrate my socks badly. Lucky for my scout mates almost all of their games where not played during rain. (haha). I would never forget that experience (My so called series of Unfortunate Events)haha.Oops I almost forgot what happened on the game on its last day. The games where not finished and was postponed because they lack time and they will continue the baseball game on their towns.

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