Today was the first airing of the Pilipinas Got Talent and I was quite entertained with the talents shown by the competitive contestants of the said show.  As defined by Pilipinas Got Talent is a Philippine talent show, which will be shown on ABS-CBN starting February 20, 2010 (today). It is based on the Got Talent franchise, a British TV format conceived and owned by Simon Cowell's SYCO company. "Pilipinas" is the Filipino word for Philippines.

                                        Pilipinas Got Talent host's Billy Crawford and Luis Manzano

ABS-CBN acquired Got Talent franchise, advertising it as "the first and only nationwide talent reality show in the Philippines," although other talent shows from other networks are currently airing with a similar format, such as Talentadong Pinoy on TV5.

Viewers are able to join through text and online registration via Internet. Auditions are held in key cities such as Manila, Cebu and Davao. Unlike Talentadong Pinoy, viewers will vote the contestants and whoever gets the highest votes, will win. In Talentadong Pinoy, there are the jury, which will decide who will win.

The Talents of Filipinos were trully simply exceptional because of its uniqueness and outstanding qualities. Though the show is aired during saturday and sunday at 8:30 pm only, It will surely gain massive ratings judging from what I've seen on its first airing. Here are some sample videos...

Mabuhay ang Generals...Mabuhay ka Ate Melay!!!

The Pinoy Big Brother- Double Up edition's  Big Winner is, no other than Melissa "Melay" Cantiveros. A 21 year old, tubong General Santos City. She got 32.08 percent on the total number of votes while his Close competitor Paul Jake got 27.** percent on the total number of votes.

With the witty remarks and comic facial expressions of hers, people find her extremely funny. She just brings out the sunshine in Kuya’s house plus her funny love team Jason. The two of them really put Color on the PBB's house double up edition. 

The battle for the Big winner's place was fought between the bets of the queen city of the south "CEBU city" and Tuna Capital of the Philippines "General Santos City".

It was my first anthropology course week experience last week, and it was purely an enjoyment for me. Though I wasn't that active because of the other scholarly stuffs intervening with my copious schedule even so I still managed to do some "trickery trickery tricks"(nevermind that), for me to attend at least just the culmination day of our activity. 

Everybody had enjoyed it, including the other courses who joined our activity. though others were saying that our activity was money driven(haha). It was money driven because our culmination activity's concept was titled "Perya Antropolohiya". What do you expect? Perya...of course money is essential for your enjoyment.haha. But of course their money won't be wasted because it will help for the betterment of our course specifically our course organization. 

                                                                 3P's Piso, Plangana, Platito

The 3P's was adapted from a small perya we've observed at Mintal during its anniversary day. It's difficult to win on this game because the Piso will always slide and bounce off the Platito.haha. that was part of our tricks.

bunot bunot ****. I forgot the real name of this one. 

 We've gained so much income for our course because of the people's charity in helping our activity to be successful. By next year I hope that I can have more free time to help with our course activity and that the next one would be more successful compared to this year.    


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