Negligence=Fever and Cold!

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I was demented by the weather this past few days.(jeez so cold)The rain is always turning on and off and because of that I suffered from mild fever and cold. Thanks to my Daily dose of orange juice and Fern-C vitamins it minimized the sickness I'm feeling. The fever I was suffering was all causedby the few tricycle drivers on Barangay Lagao(just a few of them) and my negligence on bringing my raincoat. They didn't gave me a ride. I was standing on the neem tree soaked with water from the sky for 8 minutes. They just passed by on me and they are Ignoring my Signals on them. After the whole 8 minutes I decided to walk because there's no use of waiting for a ride I was wet already. I was angry with the tricycle drivers but I guess I can't blame other persons. It was all my fault my super negligence. (Yeah whatever I guess I learned another lesson from my imperfect adventure)

Lesson for me: Don't forget your stuffs and Don't wait Make your own move and keep moving forward!

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