Pinoy Big Brother's house opens once again, welcoming the teens of Philippines today April 10, 2010 with its Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010. There should be 16 house-mates to enter the house, but due to a conflict with the health status on one of its "house-mate to be", her slot (yeah her) would be rendered as an open chance to another male housemate.

The Teen Clash house-mates are sorted according to the way of living they were used to or in other words according to rich/wealthy (A) and deprived of so much luxury "di sanay sa luho" (B). The house-mates on (A) are going to stay at a apartment styled house while the (B) are going to live on the villa styled. The clash would be about the different style and cultures of life each and opposing housemates used to live in.

Here are the shortlist of names and a little preview on their profile etc.

1.)Joe was the first housemate to enter the house,he is the “swabeng komikero” ng Quezon City. He was dressed with a basketball jersey as he entered the house, bringing with him his “happy personality” and komikero character, he even managed to crack a joke before actually entering the very house (all in one pwera lang kaputian). He is also branded as someone who deals with ease on girls because of his persona.

2.)Devon Seron, the bubbly promdi from cebu girl who struggled on graduating and marching on her high school degree because of financial problems, luckily “Kuya” was there to save her and pay for the financial burden she carries due to her school.

3.)Eslove Briones is the sigang istokwa ng Tawi-Tawi, he was described as pasaway, mabisyo and the like. Its ok, kuya is there to shape or discipline him whenever a problem comes along.

4.) Shey Bustamante is the diskarte bombshell ng Mindoro she is a half Australian but unfortunately she was not that lucky to live with its Australian father.

5.) Angelo Pasco the struggling isko ng antique who values so much education who managed to take the job of being a houseboy just to continue his studies.

6.) Kyra Custodio the giling girl of batangas is a dance troupe member. She value the most one of her black shoes as it is one of the remembrance her hardwork in dancing gave her.

7.) Yong Gopez the boy bread winner ng pampanga is a 17 year old teen, who has so much experience when it comes to earning money just to sustain his family’s needs, consider working on quarries and the like. The young breadwinner claimed that he is a mama’s boy.

8.) Rome “Pots” Jalosjos III is a son on one of the political dynasties in the Philippines and almost always on his life he is surrounded by bodyguards.

9.) Rebecca Chongbian the heiress wonder ng Cebu is a daughter of a rich family who manages a company on cebu. She just faced a recent problem on her family because of her father’s death.

10.) Yen Santos is the little miss sunshine of nueva ecija, battles with the wrong accusation thrown to her because of her rivals at school who are jealous with her loveliness and radiance.

11.) Patrick Sugui is the gentle boy next door of Mandaluyong a young boy active on sports at its school.

12.) Tricia Santos the athletic muse ng davao, a active volleyball player who was once awarded because of her abilities when it comes to sport and attractiveness

13.) Kazel Kinouchi the shopaholic chick of Paranaque, a half Japanese who has never met her Japanese dad.

14.) Ivan Dorschner dubbed as the striking stud ng Rizal.

15.) Fretzie Bercede called as the charming angel ng Cebu.

The sixteenth slot is still undecided to whom it will be granted. Its either the female aspiring nurse dependent darling or the out of school courageous lakan. Both of them are active in joining search and competition.
If the female aspiring nurse dependent darling will be allowed by the doctor to enter the PBB house the slot will be granted to her and if not it will be given to the courageous lakan.

*update Maichel the courageous lakan was the one chosen to complete the list of PBB teen clash housemates

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  1. Micheal Lantz on May 17, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    I never knew they had a Pinoy Version of Big brother.Do they go balistic like they do on Big Brother in the states.Are all the contestants straight?


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