Second semester is over, its time for me to go home to General Santos City and spend the most of my summer there. I had the worse time packing my things at the dormitory because my bags are fewer than my stuffs. So I decided to throw all things which I think won't be useful anymore and most of them are papers and old cranky shoes. I had also the bad time deciding what to throw and what to keep because some of the papers were memorable or what they commonly say " has a sentimental value (heart)", of course not love letters but first examination results and the like. I was about to throw a yellow pamphlet when suddenly I noticed the markings at it, Davao Museum of History and ethnography. I read one of its sound biting slogans " There is no better way to complete the Davao Experience" and poof! thoughts came stumbling on my mind. Anyways I'm going home to gensan that's why I decided to make a post about Davao Museum first before going home.

Allow me to read you some parts of its pamphlet, here it goes

There is no better way to complete the Davao Experience than to pay a visit to the newly-renovated Davao Museum. The museum is a 30-year-old landmark in Davao City and holds a treasure of information and artifacts from Davao's past to its modern times.

It is only here that you will discover the artistry of Davao's indegenous groups through a display of their arts and crafts; find large-scale versions of old maps of Mindanao and the Philippines, centuries-old Asian trade jars, an original Arabian text, a  rare Bagobo Giangan dagmay, and much more!

The well-lighted galleries of the modernistic two storey museum will bring you to a truly intimate and unique experience of cultural and historical discovery that you will forever commit to memory.

You can contact them here

113 Agusan Circle, Insular Village I, Lanang, Davao City 8000
(082) 223-1734

My first year as a freshman college at Davao is truly substantial to my development as a person. I had a taste of Davao Experience but I know Davao has a lot more to offer, try the Davao Museum experience on your own too. Just contact those numbers and e-adds I gave you.

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