Going to the market and dusty places while observing on an eventful urban city doing its routinely tasks, would be the most stressing activity one can ever think of. For me that would be challenging, in the sense that it is my first time to explore one of the busiest and most culturally diverse areas on Davao City. Lucky me because I was granted a chance to do these activities which I was already planning to do beforehand already and as a bonus I was auspicious enough to do the duty while incorporating  it with my studies, specifically for my major subject namely Anthropology 181(Social Anthropology). 

The first stop was at the Bankerohan market and I went first at the vegetable section of the market, though at the start I was a bit anxious and disturbed because of the curious eyes looking all over me and my buddymates, maybe it was just because of the kind of clothing we chosed to wear that day which is I think a bit of eyesore for them.The market scene we've went into was just like another regular wet market you can see nearby. But one thing has caught my very first attention. The children there was playing Plants Versus Zombies on a what they call "Hulug-hulugan PisoVideo Game Machine" for me it was a bit surprising because it is really surprising to see that recently famous game there. 

The clothes people wear there were clothes they can also buy around the other portions of the market, and most male vendors there are wearing one earings on its left ear. These earings were varied in terms of design and size. Most of their hairstlyes were exotic and unique, some managed to color their hair and made it look different compared to its original look. I've also observed a few men there who carry loads at their back bending their bodies and almost forming a right angle which I think was caused by the strenous loads they carry routinely everyday, some of what they carry are baskets full of squash and cabbage which I estimated weighing around 50 kilos and above in each basket.

                                         A man carrying a heavy load on its tired back

There were also men who works on the garbage truck collecting waste coming from the market itself which spontanously pass and throw garbage on the truck for the duration of my observation there which lasted more than 45 minutes. The place was also not suitable for people with weak lungs because of the odorous aroma spreading all over the place which might put your stomach up side down. 

               a half naked man transferring garbage

men watching the garbage workers doing  their duty

  a child left alone together with her goods at the entrance of the market's vegetable section

As we continue to explore and observe the environment of the market we've tried to cross the other side of the market through the overpass and I've seen people selling burloloys and fashion stuffs alongside the overpass. They were selling colorful kikay items in a cheap price. People with disability were placing themselves also on the overpass to gain advantage of the crowd crossing the overpass. Coal dealers are also intact on one place which serves as their territory for their products. One man asked me what are we doing at the market and murmured in himself that " Researcher mo dong? O nangampanya?. 

The answer from me was just a polite nod and a few combination of polite words which would ease the curiosity of the perturbed man. So far the place was still bombarded with the same atmosphere causing the unacceptable odor of the vegetable section. At the end of the coal section of the market, a man which I assume as a local politician was introducing itself to the listening crowd while watching the politician and its colleagues I've noticed that they were also throwing curious looks on us, maybe bothered if ever we are spies (haha). Just as we continue walking I was shocked because I thought we were traversing the other other side of the market but on the contrary we were just really walking on a circular pattern. I mean walking on the market and circulating its territories. 

 the politician I've mentioned a while ago

  garbage collectors doing their duty
On these observations and few interviews I've focused mainly on what sorts and kinds of people deals and works on the market and the environment they primarily deal with. The people working on the market has still time for leisure and other amusing activities despite of the environment they live with. Their bodies might have already adapted  and managed to still continue usual activities in life despite of its seemingly lethal atmosphere of garbage and rotten vegetables. Another example to this was the body of the men who carry heavy loads on their backs, even without load their standard posture was already curved and bended which is dangerous to their safety because it might fracture their spinal cords but even so they still managed to do these difficult tasks and the way of living of these market people has adapted to where they are living and what sorts of work they do.

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